Annual Report 2018

Our vision: “Working together, as a united profession, we will drive confidence in the power of professional standards”

Update from the CEO

More than two years on, our strategic objectives of making ourselves relevant, modern and diverse and delivering relevant learning, engaged membership and insightful leadership to the profession remain unchanged.

Key Highlights

Measuring the delivery of our strategy

Our market

Our membership

Summary of financial accounts

Annual report

Financial statements

The institutes: local heroes

When you become a member of the CII in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, you also become a member of a local institute, usually close to where you live or work.

Choose Chartered

We launched three corporate Chartered titles in 2007 to improve standards and develop recognition of insurance and personal finance as a profession.

Our people

Our people strategy is focussed on enabling the delivery of our business model while building public trust and positioning the CII as an employer of choice.

Risk management matters

Becky Merritt, Risk Director, joined the CII last year in a new role reporting to Melissa Collett, Professional Standards Director.

Moving with the times while protecting our heritage.

We take our responsibility for the heritage of the CII very seriously.

President’s statement

Jonathan Clark, President

Our executive team

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Building public trust in our united profession